Product Gallery

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Marquee List of products that we manufacture. Contact us for special purpose machines & custom requirements

Capitol Series IV Radial blade tow cutter

Capitol Mark IV Cutter Reel

Godet Rolls & Shafts.

Rubberised Rolls

Annealer Rolls, Draw Rolls & Shafts


Creel Assemblies

Crimper Disc.

Crimping Machine

Draw Frames

Feed Roll Assemblies

Fibre Cutting Machine

Inlet Pull Roll Arrangement

Metering Pump Spares

Piddler Puller Assemblies

Pinch Rolls

Pressure Stands

Spinning Pack Assemblies

Squeeze Rolls

Star Roller/Sunflower Reel (Hard chrome or Plasma coated)

Steam Chest

Steam Relaxer

Stretching Machine


Tow Baling Machine

Tow Stacker Machine

Various types of Crimpers

Various types of Cutter Reels

Wash Draw Frames

Waste Fibre Cutter

Wet Cut Creel Arrangement & Tow Guide


We also manufacture tow baler, tow boxes, tow stacker tanks, trolleys, bucket elevators, belt conveyers, screw conveyers, material handling equipments, cleaning head spray assemblies, hydraulic power packs, electrical panel etc.


Godet Rolls


Annealer Rolls

Star Roller/Sunflower Reel