Capitol Series IV Radial blade tow cutter




1. Max. Capacity : 200,000/- Tow Denier

2. Operating Tow Speed Range: 150 to 300 meters per minute

3. Motor/Drive:

  • 7.5 kW (10HP) Greaves EC Drive with 1440 rpm Motor,

  • Controller & built in Tacho Generator mounted on cutter

  • Energy efficient, heavy duty motor.

  • Dynamic braking

  • Holding Brake

  • Belt driven

4. Voltage: 380V, 415 V 3Ph, 50Hz

5. Tow Height: 57 inches (1448 mm)

6. Process Direction: Right to Left; OR Left to Right

7. Blade Exposure: 48MM

8. Controls: An Operator console is provided to the Series IV Cutter.  Operator functions include:

  • Run

  • Jog

  • Stop

  • Speed Control Potentiometer

  • Emergency Stop

  • Tension On/Off

  • Speed Meter – Digital / Analog


Special features integrated on ‘CAPITOL Series IV Tow Cutter’

  • 10” (250 Dia) diameter Pneumatically  actuated Pressure Wheel

  • Captive Bolt Cutter Reel Attachment

  • Basic Tow guide system

  • Swing –Open reel guard with safety switch

  • Stainless steel doff Plate & Discharge duct with fibre sampling door

  • Carbon Steel construction with Polyurethane protective finish


CAPITOL Series IV Tow Cutters are supplied completely assembled, ready for customer installation less Radial Blade Cutter Reels & Blades



The radial blade Cutter uses a reel consisting of a disc and a concentric ring separated by support posts. The periphery of the disc and ring has a multitude of "Cutting" blades parallel to the common axis and located radially with the sharp edge facing outward. As the reel turns, Tow is wrapped around the reel and blade tips. A wheel is fixed in position close to the blade tips. As the Tow builds on the circumference, the fixed wheel forces the accumulating fiber against the blade tips thus cutting the Fiber. The cut fiber passes through the opening between the blades, and towards the center of the reel for discharge through the ring.


Cut length is determined by the blade spacing around the reel Different reels are required for different cut lengths. Cut length is uniform, and blade life is exceptional when compared to other cutters. (A typical radial cutter reel for 1 1/2-inch staple will have over 5 feet of exposed cutting surface.) Cut lengths from 5 mm to 150 mm may be produced on the same Cutter by installing different Cutter Reel.


Cutter reels producing variable cut lengths within the same reel are also available.


CAPITOL offers a complete line of tow cutters. Tow Cutters are available to process the smallest lab samples or up to 15 tons of tow per hour!


Each CAPITOL Cutter is carefully configured to match the customer's needs. Many options are available and custom-engineered units may be requested to satisfy special requirements.


Standard features

  1. The presser wheel on CAPITOL Cutters as large as 10” (250 mm) in Diameter. The large wheel keeps the tow gradually progressing into the blades, and minimizes side loading of the blades by reducing the convergence angle between the reel and the wheel. Presser wheels are pneumatically operated for ease of operation and operator safety. Full pneumatic travel prevents damage to valuable reels in the event a blockage occurs in the cutting zone.


  1. All cutters feature a monopost frame that allows fiber discharge to three sides and the bottom. Hinged doors give easy access to the front and rear of the reel area to make adjustments and maintenance quick and easy. The cutter reel attaches from the top with a bolt for simple reel changes.


  1. Right or left-hand operation is available on all cutters. (Right hand Cutters move the tow from the right to the left.)


  1. Variable speed electronic drives are standard on all cutters. All drives are state-of-the art solid state units supplied by major manufacturers that offer worldwide service. Frequency and voltage kits are available to suit most requirements. A toothed belt drive allows the motor and Tow speed to be matched for optimum control and energy efficient operation.


  1. A sophisticated tow guiding system is used to control the tow presentation to the cutter reel in all CAPITOL Cutters. Correct tow presentation is critical to quality staple. The tow may be maneuvered vertically or horizontally, and shaped from top to bottom to present the most uniform Tow bundle to the Cutter Reel.


  1. Safety is designed into each cutter. Reel access doors are electrically interlocked for operator safety. Controls are functionally interlocked to prevent improper operation. Emergency stops are located on the cutter and remote pedestals. All belts and rotating parts are guarded from access. All Electrical components are ISI approved.