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Equipment and Machinery | Sub Vendoring Facilities


The production centers are well equipped with the latest and state of the art machines to deliver the best results. Measuring instruments are from Mitutoyo, Japan with guaranteed accuracy upto 0.01 mm or 0.001. Our workshop was visited and approved by Engineers and Experts from Dupont USA to supply critical items.


Our machines and sub assemblies match international standards in terms of precision, finish and quality of the end product. Our clients have shown confidence in us by placing repeat orders with us.



Equipment and Machinery

Argon Arc Welding Set. 1 no.
Balancing Machine 2 nos.
Bench Grinder 6 nos.
Brazing Set. 1 no.
Chain Pulley Blocks 3 nos. 2 Tons
CNC Balancing Machine HDN 8500 1 no.
CNC Lathe Machine (Electronica) 1 no.
Cylindrical Grinding Machine with Internal grinding attachment. 4 nos.
Gas Cutting Sets. 2 nos.
Hacksaw Machine 4 nos.
Hand Press 1 no.
Karam Horizontal Boring Machine 1 no.
Lathe Machine (OSG/Kirlosker/Rajendra/ Accurate/with DRO) 20 nos. Upto 48 & 16 Long.
Milling Machine 6 nos.
Overhead Cranes 1 System 5 Tons
Pillar Drill Machine 6 nos.
Plate Bending M/c. 1 no. upto 12 mm
Programmable Temperature Oil Bath 1 no.
PUG Cutting Machine 1 no.
Radial Drill Machine 3 nos.
Rectifies 2 nos.
Shaping Machine 3 nos.
Surface grinding machine. 4 nos.
Tool and Cutter Grinding Machine 1 no.
Tool Post Grinder 2 nos.
Weighing scale 1 no. upto 300 kgs
Weighing Scale 1 no. upto 500 kgs
Welding Transformer 3 nos.


And various types of Tools, Tackles, Portable Drilling Machines, Buffing Machine to assist operations of above mentioned machine.


Sub Vendoring Facilities

Black iodizing
Ferrous-Non Ferrous & S.S. Castings.
Hard Chrome Plating & Nodular Chrome Plating
Heat Treatment, Nitriding, Case Hardening
Light fabrication
Plasma coating & Metalizing
Powder coating
Sheet Metal fabrication
Special types of gear cutting
Spray Painting
Zinc Plating, Tin Plating, Cadmium Plating